Watercolour is my expressive visual language, influenced by first seeing Pre-Raphaelite Art at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford when still at school. The exceptional clarity and intense detail represented in these works, inspired by nature both physically and spiritually, had a profound influence on me.

My work celebrates the intricacy of natural forms. I seek visual combinations of textures, surface patterns, carefully adjusted colour and tonal values to create concentrated studies after nature. I set natural forms against elaborate backgrounds to make absorbing compositions; the intense detail draws the eye to explore the intimate description of the subject and its surroundings. I seek to evolve subtle connections, layered and built up through threads and beads of colour, all of which inhabit an intimate space.

My watercolours represent the strongest qualities of design, arrangement and composition. Although the subjects often exist within a shallow picture plane, I utilise the medium for its luminosity, to create a profound sense of light, texture and colour relationships. This is my expression, an embodiment of nature’s beauty and complexity.

Detail of composition in black with ammonite and feather (310 x 395mm)

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